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Tornado H920 per Panasonic GH4/Olympus lense 12mm (YUNH920201EU)


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Yuneec Tornado H920 esacottero per Panasonic GH4 / Olympus lense 12mm (art. YUNH920201EU)

Il tanto atteso esacottero YUNEEC Tornado H920 con gimbal per Panasonic GH4 con obiettivo Olympus 12mm (videocamera e obbiettivo non inclusi).

Il modello viene fornito in una bellissima valigia in alluminio e completo della trasmittente ST24 (24 canali), il gimbal per la Panasonic GH4, lo steadygrip e due pacchi batterie Li-Po.


The Tornado H920 is a professional multirotor aerial photography and videography platform. Its unique design and innovative features make it possible to capture amazing photographs and video footage for a variety of uses. And thanks to nearly two decades of experience in developing and producing RC and manned aircraft, Yuneec engineers were able to deliver the long flight times, ease of operation and reliability you’ve been looking for in an aerial photography and videography solution.

Caratteristiche H920:

  • Flight Time24 min
  • Dimension31.4x36.2x18.1in (797x920x461mm)
  • Diagonal Length Without Rotor Blades 36.2 in (920mm)
  • Propeller/Main Rotor Diameter 17.3 in (440mm)
  • Weight With GB603, GH4 Camera and Battery 176.4 oz (5000g)
  • Battery LiPo 6s
  • Charger 6S 22.2V LiPo DC Balancing Smart Charger with AC Adapter (included)
  • Transmitter 24 channel 2.4GHz with 5.8GHz video downlink (included)
  • 4 Flight Modes Smart, Angle,Throttle,and Home Modes
  • Maximum Flying Height(Absolute altitude)4000m (13124 ft)
  • Maximum Flying Height(Relative altitude)1000m (3281 ft)
  • Maximum Rotation Rate 100°/s
  • Maximum Roll Angle 35°
  • Maximum Horizontal Speed 21m/s 47MPH 75 KPH (5kg, throttle)
  • Radio Control Frequency Band 2.4GHz
  • Operating Temperature Range ﹣5℃ to 80℃

Caratteristiche Radiocomando ST24:

  • Operating System Android™
  • Number of Channels 24
  • Control Transmission Distance/Range (Optimum Conditions) 2km
  • Robust Radio Control Modulation Yuneec Protocol
  • Video link Frequency Band 5.8GHz
  • Video Transmission Distance/Range (Optimum Conditions) FCC Compliance: Up to 600m (1968.5 ft) CE Compliance: Up to 300m (984.252 ft)
  • Flight Systems Telemetry Data On Screen Display (OSD) Yes
  • LED Backlit LCD Screen 7”
  • Tactile (Vibrating) and Audible Feedback Yes
  • Built-In LiPo Battery Voltage / Capacity 8700mah Li-ion 1s
  • Charger Smart Balance Charge

Caratteristiche della gimbal GB603:

  • Weight 6.5x8.6x7.7in (165x219x196mm)
  • Dimension Without camera: 31.4 oz (890g)/With camera: 56.5 oz (1600g)
  • Control Angle Accuracy ±0.02°
  • Maxumum Control Range Pitch: between -30° and 100° Roll: between -30°and 30° Yaw: between 0°and 360°
  • Mechanical Range Pitch: between -120°and 45° Roll: between -40°and 40° Yaw: between 0° and 360°
  • Maximum Control Speed Pitch: 30°/s Yaw: 30°/s

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