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Graupner Servo HVC 660 BB, MG, 16 mm (art. S4063) Visualizza ingrandito

Graupner Servo HVC 660 BB, MG, 16 mm (art. S4063)


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Graupner Servo HVC 660 BB, MG, 16 mm (art. S4063)

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Graupner Servo HVC 660 BB, MG, 16 mm (art. S4063)

The HVC 660 BB MG features an optimised 7.4 V coreless motor and boasts the highest torque in its class, at 9.5 kg/cm. The technology with low bandwidth and programmable digital switching by Graupner/JG provide an assurance of reliable high-quality power. The heatsink housing reduces operating temperatures and thus extends service lives.

  • Age recommended by manufacturer: 14 years and up
  • Coreless motor
  • Direct operation with 2-cell LiPo batteries
  • Digital servo with dynamic torque, outstanding speed, excellent response characteristics and holding torque
  • Programmable
  • 2048 high resolution
  • Bandwidth 20Hz~400Hz
  • 12-bit processing in the circuit
  • Operating voltage range 4.8 ... 8.4 V
  • Ball bearings
  • Metal gearbox

High-voltage coreless servo (HVC)

High-voltage, 2-cell LiPo batteries provide a direct power supply. This is the new product range from the digital servo segment, HVC (high-voltage coreless servo). With a maximum permissible operating voltage of 8.4V, the new battery technology can be used without reservation. Naturally, these servos can also be operated with a conventional 6.0 V supply. The very best production quality tops off this line of our servos.


  • Torque at 4.8V, approx.: 70 Ncm
  • Holding torque 6.0V, approx.: 152 Ncm
  • Transit speed at 6.0 V, approx. : 0,1 Sek/40°
  • All-up weight, approx.: 38 g
  • Transit speed at 7.4V, approx. : 0,08 Sek/40°
  • Torque at 6.0V, approx.: 80 Ncm
  • Holding torque 7.4V, approx.: 180 Ncm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 35x34,5x16 mm
  • Torque at 7.4V, approx. : 95 Ncm
  • Bearings: Lager bb2x
  • Gear unit: Getriebe mg
  • Operating voltage : 4,8 ... 8,4 V


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