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Xceed Pistola per rifornimento Fuel Gun 15mm (art. XC103006) Visualizza ingrandito

Xceed Pistola per rifornimento Fuel Gun 15mm (art. XC103006)


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Xceed Pistola per rifornimento Fuel Gun 15mm (art. XC103006)

High quality easy to hold quick fill fuel gun. Suitable for use with 1/10th and 1/8th scale gas powered cars.


Xceed are pleased to announce the release of this quick fill, automatic shut off fuel gun, designed to help racers save time during pit stops. The fuel reservoir of the gun can hold up to 170cc of fuel, more than enough to fill the tank of most gas powered cars, and thanks to the long nozzle and ergonomic handle, your pitman can easily fill your car’s tank by squeezing the trigger. Featuring 5 air holes for the automatic fuel supply shut off, their unique profile ensures that you get the maximum amount of fuel into your tank, something so critical with today’s thirsty motors.

For filling the gun itself, the top of the tank sports a removable plug that allows you to add fuel, while this cap is attached to a chain on the gun to ensure you don’t lose it. The gun is made in black anodised aluminium with a smoked fuel chamber and the Xceed logo has been screen printed on the side.


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