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Futaba Cavo allievo maestro serie J tondo (art. FUTM4410) Visualizza ingrandito

Futaba Cavo allievo maestro serie J tondo (art. FUTM4410)


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Futaba Cavo allievo maestro serie J tondo-tondo (art. FUTM4410)

This is a Trainer Cord for Futaba old PCM & FM & J-Series Radios with the round plug style (not the 2002 square plug -- FUTM4415).

This trainer cord is designed to go between two transmitters for training student fliers how to fly R/C aircraft. The trainer cord plugs into the "teacher" transmitter first and then into a trainer compatible "student" transmitter. The trainer switch on the teacher transmitter is used or disable or activate the student radio.

INCLUDES: One Black 10ft FM Trainer Cord

Radios that use the Round Port:

  • 4NBF/P, 4VF, 5UAP, 6DA, 6NF/PK, 6VA, 6X(S), 7UF/P(S), 8UF/P(S)
  • Radios that use the Micro (square) Port: Tower 4-TH, 6EXA, 4YF, 9C

This trainer cord will work with any ROUND TRAINER JACK radio (7U,8U,4V.) that is FM or PCM (switched to FM/PPM)

NOTE: For all radios except the 6X and 7U family radios (1), the master radio is always in the same modulation as the receiver, and the student radio is ALWAYS in FM/PPM mode. Example: Rx is R148DP. Master is set to PCM, student is set to PPM.

This is compatible with most FM-trainer compatible radios from 1984-2002.

As of 2002, new trainer cord style is a flat square plug. See FUTM4415/20 New radio models after the 9C will all use the square (Mirco) plug. To use a round-plug style (this cord) with a square-plug style (9C style), use FUTM4420). Radios using this cord CAN NOT be buddy boxed with Futaba AM radios.


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