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Kronos Coppia gomme Superturismo Anteriori 26mm 40 Sh (art. RET1040F) Visualizza ingrandito

Kronos Coppia gomme Superturismo Anteriori 26mm 40 Sh (art. RET1040F)


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Kronos Coppia gomme Superturismo 1/10 Anteriori 26mm 40 Sh (art. RET1040F)

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Kronos Coppia gomme Superturismo per modelli scala 1/10 Anteriori larghezza 26mm durezza 40 Sh (art. RET1040F)

The new Tyres' brand from Racing Experience! The Kronos tires are made with the best Japanese rubber. The assembling process is made in Europe with very strict specifications. The fully automated manufacturing is controlled in every step of the manufacturing process to guarantee the highest level of quality. The Kronos tyres are glued on Titanium charged rims of which the hardness and stiffness has been carefully calculated to offer the best handling whatever the rubber size. The Titanium charged material offers a consistent wheel flex to give very precise driving and offers you the highest grip in any condition.

  • Gomme per competizione
  • Confezione da una coppia (due gomme)
  • Mescola 40 SHORE
  • Anteriori
  • Larghezza: 26mm
  • Trascinatore esagono: 12mm
  • Distribuite da Kyosho


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