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Motori Nitro 4 tempi


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Sconti! Thunder Tiger Motore F-54S 4 Tempi con Silenziatore (art. 9803) Visualizza ingrandito

Thunder Tiger Motore F-54S 4 Tempi con Silenziatore (art. 9803)


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Thunder Tiger Motore F-54S 4 Tempi con Silenziatore (art. 9803)

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€ 220,90 tasse incl.

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Thunder Tiger Motore F-54S 4 Tempi con Silenziatore (art. 9803)

Caratteristiche tecniche:

  • Cilindrata: 8.87cc / 0.541
  • Alesaggio: 24mm / 0.945 inch
  • Corsa: 19.6mm / 0.772 inch
  • Giri/minuto: 2200-12000
  • Potenza 0,8 BHP / 12.000 RPM
  • Peso: 419.6g. / 14.8 oz
  • Fornito con marmitta


  • F-54S engine
  • Carburetor Assembly
  • Allen wrench 3mm &2.5mm &2mm &1.5mm
  • Wrench 5/5.5 &12/14
  • Muffler Assembly
  • REDLINE RF glow plug
  • Instructional manual
  • TT logo sticker

Thunder Tiger Four Stroke series are manufactured by automated computer-controlled machinery, resulting in a product that looks and performs better. Special camshaft and oversize valves combine to improve performance and easy handling. Precision air bleed carburetor makes adjustments simple, and efficient mufflers keep things quiet at the field. Perfect for the pilot looking for the authentic aircraft sound.

The Thunder Tiger F-54S powerhouse engine is the perfect choice to enjoy the advantages of four-stroke performance; the ability to swing a large prop, increased torque, reduced noise and much improved fuel economy.

The F-54S features a twin needle updraft carburetor, black anodized cylinder head, oversized valves, and combines a high performance silencer to deliver the best power-to-weight ratio and awesome torque.


  • Black cylinder head
  • Crankshaft with Ni plating to further reduce corrosion
  • XC2 (extreme composite coating) cylinder liner with special criss-cross pattern etched
  • Lightened hypereutectic machined Al-Si ringed piston
  • High-strength connecting rod with bushings pre-installed
  • Dual ball bearing supported crankshaft
  • Rubber- sealed rear bearing to further reduce corrosion
  • Plain bearing supported camshaft
  • Fine polishing rocker cover
  • State-of-the art CNC machined components
  • Smooth manifold
  • Rear-mounted updraft and reversible carburetor
  • Black anodized muffler included
  • Redline RF glow plug included


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